Friday, February 14, 2014

It's That Time of Year Again

In case you've been living under a rock, 2013 was a big year. I accepted a new job, sold my house, and relocated my family to the Pacific Northwest. After almost a year, we are finally getting pretty well settled in (as you can see from the picture above). All that disruption however has taken its toll on SG Enterprises. Blog updates have slowed. Speed Bump Chronicles, the next book, has been essentially halted. And due to an amateur accounting mistake on my part, my IRS penalty to income ratio was about 2:1. And now, here we are in 2014. What is a miniature business owner and aspiring author to do?

Celebrate another birthday! 

For the second year in a row, I'm kicking the celebration up a notch and getting you all a little something: reduced price on the Kindle edition of Not Quite There. Between February 15 and February 17, Not Quite There will feature promotional pricing, with as much as 80% off the digital list price. 

If you prefer the touch, taste, and smell of paper, order a paperback and receive a digital edition for free.

And of course, Amazon Prime members can check out Not Quite There via the Lending Library for free.

Happy Birthday (to me).

Not sure what your're missing? Here's an excerpt (page 39 for those of you following along):

Ask anyone and they will tell you, I am not a lightweight. Crab is not a very filling delicacy though, and when all you have in your stomach is a little crab, a lot of seasoning, even more tequila and you mix that with a Jacuzzi—Sean was four sheets to a very ill wind that night. If you ask Chris I am pretty sure he will tell you that I wanted to die. To this day I have never been quite that sick, from alcohol or anything else. That night I think I swore off everything from drinking to speeding, I just wanted to live to see the next day. The next day I was wishing I had died the night before. 

HEAD ACHE. I hurt in places I never knew I had. I threw up again that morning—twice. We were supposed to be at the Ed Sullivan theatre in Manhattan by 3PM. We should have left much earlier than we did, but I just couldn’t move fast enough. To avoid having to park in New York, we decided to “park and ride” and take a train into the city. The day was doomed from the night before. We paid extra money to take an Amtrak instead of the local train because it was scheduled to arrive at Penn station sooner. The train was late and we ended up arriving later than the Pennsylvania transit train we could have taken for less money.  

Speaking of money, when I tried to pay for the train tickets my credit card was declined. Visa sent a new card to my house in Mission Viejo and automatically deactivated my current card. I had to call and explain that I wouldn’t be home for several weeks and I very much needed my credit card. With all that time lost, we finally made it to the theatre, though we were nearly 30 minutes late. By the time the show was over I was finally beginning to feel better, and those of you with Road Scholars T-shirts can be proud of the fact that David Letterman has one too.

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